Winnipeg Sports Card Expo 2014

Winnipeg Sports Cards and Collectibles Expo February 22

I went to my first sports card show in 1986.  I was overwhelmed by all the cards and selection.  There was definitely too much candy at that candy store, but boy was it fun and exciting to see.  Old and new wax boxes, singles of all sports and sets.  I remember buying a stack of older baseball cards (1960’s and 70’s) for less than $5.   In either 1987 or 1988 , I went into my first sports card show as a seller with a friend of mine.  We were both 13 or 14 year old.   We didn’t have a lot of cards to sell, but people did like the cards we had.  We probably spent more at other tables than what we made at ours.   Our friends also came to the shows and showed us all their purchases.  My friends also helped me price cards I didn’t think would sell.  They sold.  Thanks guys.  Anyway the point is that cards shows are fun to go to as a buyer and as a dealer.  The next Sports Card Show in Winnipeg is on Saturday February 22 at the Winakwa Community Centre in Windsor Park.  I encourage you to go.  There will be 35 tables full of sports cards and collectibles.  I talked to Gord (the promoter) today and he said there are still tables available to rent.  If you have stuff to sell, why not get a table and sell your doubles or cards that don’t fit into your collection.   If you’ve never been to a card show or haven’t gone to one in quite some time, “Sports Card Show-February 22” on your calendar, then come and have some fun.  If you need more details, you can checkout the Winnipeg Sports Cards and Collectibles Expo Facebook page or pick up a flyer promoting the show at Lower Level Sports Cards and Collectibles.

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